#1 | Joanna Newsom – “Emily”


Joanna Newsom – “Emily”

folk, singer/songwriter
appears on Ys

So…. I’ve pretty much retired from this whole music blogging thing (as may be evident from the total lack of activity over on halibut3some), but I could hardly leave this thing hanging unresolved at #2, could I? That would be cruel and unusual punishment towards all three of my regular readers (hi Mum!). Anyway, “Emily” is my favourite song of the decade, which you all already knew because, well, it’s kind of obvious isn’t it? I think I even said as much in my write-up for Ys as #1 album. I’m enjoying retirement too much to bother with a detailed review, so I’ll just say that it’s a truly beautiful song and Ms Newsom has pretty much no contemporaneous equal in terms of sheer songwriting chops. I have to name-check a few of my other personal favourites among her work, such as “Bridges and Balloons”, “Sadie”, “Inflammatory Writ”, “Sawdust and Diamonds” and “Only Skin”, but “Emily” leaves them and everything else in the dust. There. I’m done. THE END.


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