#8 | Reigning Sound – “Stormy Weather”

Greg Cartwright

Reigning Sound – “Stormy Weather”

garage-punk, rock’n’roll
appears on Time Bomb High School

Reigning Sound recorded some of the best rockers from the first half of the decade, including “Reptile Style”, “We Repel Each Other” and their exceptional cover of “Stormy Weather”, the likely winner of the “best song to shout along to while dancing around your loungeroom at 1am” award. The song is a jazz vocal classic dating back to the early 1930s, which has seen memorable versions sung by Frank Sinatra, Billie Holiday and Etta James (whose recording appears in a great scene from the film A Single Man). Reigning Sound’s take on the tune is a hard-stomping, rockabilly change-up that flips the tone from sultry melancholy into boozy, fist-pumping misery, opening the band’s exceptional album Time Bomb High School with a rambunctious rhythm section and explosive lead riff. Greg Cartwright is one of my favourite vocalists in all of rock ‘n’ roll, belting out lovelorn lyrics like a weathered wild man, with loads of gristly emotion and good-humoured spirit, His charisma is undeniable as he completely makes the song his own – the titular “stormy weather” is no longer the rain viewed wistfully from the windowsill; Greg is lying in the gutter being pelted by hailstones, clutching his bottle of whiskey while howling at the moon.


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