#13 | Squarepusher – “Boneville Occident”


Squarepusher – “Boneville Occident”

appears on Go Plastic

Go Plastic was an interesting about-face from Tom Jenkinson. After the organically constructed fusion of Music is Rotted One Note and its anti-artificial mission statement “Don’t Go Plastic”, Jenkinson went right ahead and defied his own mantra, delivering one of the most willfully robotic albums of his career. That kind of contradiction seems to be central to Jenkinson’s career, though – the man delights in confounding his listeners. The two best tracks from Go Plastic, “Go! Spastic” and “Boneville Occident”, are two of the best tracks he’s ever laid down and they’re certainly among the most chaotic. They also present the two instances where Jenkinson most perfectly marries those madcap tendencies with utterly addictive beats and really appealing textures. “Go! Spastic” is a maniacal blast of nervous energy, but “Boneville Occident” is downright extraordinary. The song’s main theme, a steamroller of globby bass distortion, manages to be inescapably funky while nonetheless destroying everything in its path, while its second half sees the song unravel into a flurry of frantic percussion and left field sampling before snapping back into place as though it was all a bad (read: good) dream. It’s easily my top Squarepusher track and likely a top-5 all-time favourite of electronic music in general.


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